The center will abide by all rules per the Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services. “The license will ensure that the day care center does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex, creed, disability, political persuasion, national origin, or ancestry against any enrolled child, family, or applicant for enrollment.” Children with special needs will be admitted if they can be served with reasonable accommodations.


Greater New Birth Child Development Center is insured by: Church Mutual, 3077 N. Mayfair Rd suite 101, Milwaukee, WI 53222, contact person is Doug LeClair. The Center is state licensed to care for up to thirty-seven (59) children from ages six (6) weeks to twelve (12) years. Rules will be posted in each classroom. License and violations will be posted near the front entrance. A Parent Board providing information notices and observations will be in each room.

The days and hours of operation are year round,
(January - December). Mondays - Fridays, 6:30 A.M. till 6:00 P.M.
Parents are welcome to visit the center.
If a holiday falls on a weekend, the center will be closed on designated days by management for observation of that day. Holiday closings are subject to change at the discretion of center management. There will be a non-refundable $50 per child registration fee. (See revised Rate Sheet) There is a two (2) weeks trial enrollment period for children to adjustment to the center. The separation from home and family is made easier for the children by our understanding staff. A scheduled appointment with parents/guardian and children are required prior to children’s admission. The Intake Form must be completed on or prior to their start date. All information will be kept confidential. At the beginning of our intake session parents/guardians are involved in open communication about the care of their children. Parents/guardians are encouraged to observe and participate in the ongoing programs whenever possible. We believe that they are primary care givers of the child. It is our goal to provide the best possible care for children in our care. Conferences will be scheduled with parents as needed.

Greater New Birth Child Development Center
has based its learning curriculum around Christian education along with basic preschool learning. The curriculum also includes pre-reading pre-math skills, and other skills according to the child’s development level. Curriculum planning will be done weekly.
We are a Christian-based center, as well as curriculum; holidays will be celebrated in a Christian setting, those specifically surrounding Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Christian songs will be song from time to time as well as children’s favorite nursery rhymes. See classroom schedule and curriculum for more details.
Each classroom will various sections in the rooms referred to as areas, such as Art Areas, Interest Center Areas, Housekeeping Areas, Dramatic Play Areas, Block Areas, Music Area, Quiet Area and Sensory Table Area. In these different areas children will use their six areas of learning, which are, cognitive (thinking skills), large muscles and small muscles, emotional, language and social skills.
A daily report will be sent home to communicate with the parent as to the child’s progress.
Half-day students for morning or afternoon will be accommodated in their classroom.
Morning and after school care consist of assistance with homework, art activity, games, snacks and other center activities. Parent conferences will take place as the need arises.
Children are guided in number recognition, alphabets, colors, cleanliness and health and safety issues. Independent dressing is encouraged as well. Some of these things and others will be taught through use of computers.
Cultural diversity will be taught through posters, social play, books, dolls and diversified themes for the center etc.

Discipline will be accomplished by setting clear-cut limits for children’s behavior. This will be accomplished through discussing the types of behaviors which are not allowed at the center, positive guidance, role modeling, and polite behavior and by redirecting undesirable behaviors.
Discipline will be for the purpose of helping children develop self-control.
Children three years and older will be given time outs. Children will be given time outs only for specific behaviors, which will be explained to the children before hand. When a child has been redirected three times, a time out will be the next step.
A time out chair, a corner, or a specific area of carpet, or that which the caregiver designates as a reasonable spot for time out will be used. A time out should not exceed five (5) minutes, however there may be instances when a time out will last longer than five (5) minutes.
Humiliating or frightening punishment such as hitting, spanking, shaking, verbal or sexual abuse, withholding or forcing food or punishment for lapses in toilet training and other forms of physical punishment is prohibited. These forms of punishment will never be used, even at a parent(s) request.
Parent/guardian will be notified to help in any major behavioral problems.

Parents are to provide sheets, blankets, or sleeping bags, with children’s name on items sent to the center. Infants and toddlers, who are still in disposable diapers, pull ups etc. should be supplied with a sufficient amount of them, by parents, to the center. Diaper changes will take place as needed.
Please send wipes, bottles, and pacifiers if your child requires one. Please put your child’s name on everything that belongs to your child. Even the pacifier! Items can be identified if mistaken for anyone else’s when properly labeled. Clothes should be appropriate for the weather and should have children’s names written someplace on the garment.
Wet or soiled clothing will be placed in a plastic bag, tied and placed in the diaper bag or child’s bag.

Parents are to provide the center with children’s enrollment and health history form the day of enrollment.
The child’s health report is required, with a physical examination having been received within six (6) months prior to enrollment, or within three (3) months after enrollment.
The immunization form is due to the center within six (6) weeks of enrollment.
Immunization forms are due within thirty days of enrollment.
The children will have a two-hour rest period. After thirty (30) minutes, if the child isn’t sleep, a quiet activity will be given.
By law, the center is required to place babies’ on their backs to sleep. SIDS information will be given to parents.
Greater New Birth Child Development Center is required by state law to report any abuse or neglect suspected of any child to the Department of Social Services.
If a child is ill, or will not be at the center, we expect the parent to call to inform the center of any absence.
In the event of a child becoming ill or coming to the center ill, mildly or otherwise, it is recorded in a medical logbook. The symptoms and the child’s reactions are recorded. If a child becomes ill at the center, parent/guardian will be notified, and must pick child up within one (1) hour.
All children’s injuries and illnesses occurring at the center is recorded in the Medical Logbook. Administrations of medications, which are authorized by parent in writing, are recorded in this book as well. Parents will be called to pick up their child when he or she becomes ill. Medication will be given by written authorization only. It will be stored in a closed plastic container label for medication only and placed in the refrigerator, with children’s name on it.
A diaper pail with a lid and a foot pedal will be used for the soiled diapers.
Sanitation of furniture and equipment will be done as soon as soiled. Soiled toys are sanitized immediately as well. Toys are sanitized as needed.
If the child has a temperature (fever) of 101 degrees the child will be isolated and needs to be picked up. A child who has diarrhea, chicken pox, pinkeye, mumps or measles, service cannot be provided in these cases either.
In case of an emergency, parents must be reachable at all times. Please leave all numbers where you can be reached with the center. Cell phone numbers, work numbers, home numbers, pagers and relative’s phone numbers, if necessary, should be made available to the center.
Minor injuries: Parents will be notified no matter how small, injury will be cleaned with soap and water and recorded in a medical log book. A first aid kit will be kept at the center.
For serious injuries, parents will be contacted immediately, the injury will be recorded in the medical logbook and an accident report will be completed for the center, placed in the child’s file and the parent. For serious injuries first aid procedures are performed, the ambulance will be called and the child will be taken to Sinai Samaritan Hospital.
Staff will be required to take first aid training, in the event a child needs CPR, a staff member would be able to perform it.
If an injury takes place off site, on a field trip, emergency cards will be taken along and a traveling first aid kit. Parents/guardian will be notified and injury recorded in a medical logbook. If a serious injury occurs, an ambulance will be called and the child will be taken to the nearest hospital.
In the event of a missing child, a search will take place and the police and parents will be called. Communicable disease must be reported to the parents (all) and county health officials of any case at the center.
Communicable diseases will also be posted in each setting or classroom and on parent boards.. The children who carry the communicable disease is kept confidential.
The center will practice universal precautions by using disposal gloves. These gloves will be used for diaper changes and disposal in the diaper pail after each change. They would also be used if a child has an injury.
Staff as well as children must wash hands under running warm water with soap for twenty (20) seconds. This hand washing procedure will be followed before and after meals, after toileting for the children, staff bathroom visits and breaks and before and after diapering for the staff.
For bodily secretions, staff must wear gloves, if for some reason he or she needs to assist children in toileting. Children, especially boys will be taught how to handle themselves.

Fire drills are practice monthly and recorded. There are two exits in the building for evacuation. Attendance will be taken at each drill. In an evacuation children will be taken to a safe area, which will be Twenty First Street School grounds or our church across the street.
Tornado drills are practiced seasonally, from March through October.
In the event of a tornado, the center will move to an area, the two (2) and three (3) yr old classroom, (the center room of our facility) which is designated for tornado safety.
In either situation, staff will be responsible to see to it that all children get out, or to the designated area safely.
In the event the center would lose power (electricity), have no heat or warm water; parents will be notified to pick up children. For extreme heat (90 degree) or ozone alert, cold weather, (20 degree) or lower, children will be kept inside.

If pets or animals are on the premises, parent memos will go out to inform them of the same. If there is any contact between pets, animals and children, they will be monitored closely by childcare staff. Staff will be close enough to remove the child immediately from the pet if necessary.
Pet & Animal Revision 6/07

Center will provide nutritional meals as outlined by the USDA Food Program.
If your child has an allergy to any foods, please let us know.
If your family has a specific religious practice, which does not allow you to eat certain foods, please inform us in writing.
Weekly meal menus will be posted on Parent Board, in each classroom and in kitchen area.
Meals will also be provided for half-day students.
Infants/toddlers are fed on demand.
Children will be served meals at scheduled times.
All meals will be served same time everyday, see daily schedule. Meals may be also be catered or prepared on site by trained staff person.
Half-day students or before and after school students may have to be served some meals on a flexible, but also permissive schedule.
Child guidance for meals: At least one teacher will sit with the children during all meals. They will keep a close watch on the children and assist in table manners. Meals will not be with held for any behavioral reasons as a means of punishments

Fees and co-payments are due on every Monday, or the first day of that your child comes to the center that week. If your child is transported by a service, in the morning when the child is dropped off at the center, payment should be sent with the child in a sealed envelope, for example and addressed to Greater New Birth Child Development Center. A receipt will be sent home with the child at the end of the day or can be picked up by parent or guardian.
If payment is made directly to a transport service, payment is generally required the first day of service for that week or transportation service may be terminated.
If for some reason, your weekly childcare payment is made late; there will be a late fee, $5.00 in addition for each day.
If a parent is late in picking up their children, there will be a late fee of $1.00 per minute per child. ALL FEES ARE EXPECTED TO BE PAID ON TIME! The Greater New Birth Child Development Center prefers cash or money orders. If payments have to be made by check, make check payable to Greater New Birth Child Development Center.
For any NSF checks returned, parent/guardians will pay for the bank service fees, and in the future only cash or money orders will be accepted for payment from that parent or guardian.
If parent is terminating childcare or if the center is terminating a child, the center will only accept cash from the family, two (2) weeks, or as soon as you know child will no longer be at the center. (If you give more than a two week notice cash only from that day until the child’s last day).
If a holiday falls on a Monday, fees are due the next business day. Fees will not be reduced for any holiday.
Fees are based on weekly scale payments.
Holidays, vacations and if the child is a ill, same weekly fee apply.
There are daily rates. (See Rate Schedule)

Please contact the center as early as possible when your children will not be coming in for any reason.
We plan lunch and snack count etc. and field trips are planned, as well as other special events, we would greatly appreciate being notified as to if the child will not be at the center.
There will be a $10.00 charge per each time the parent doesn’t call (before 11:00 A.M.), and child comes in late (after 11:00 A.M.). $20.00 charge for no call no show.
Greater New Birth Child Development Center is in operation year round, but if for some reason you plan your vacation for the whole summer, or the child may not come for the entire summer, if you choose to have your child return to the center, children need to be re-enrolled if taken out of center for summer months.
Registration fee of $50 annually. (Check Rate Sheet for revisions)
There may be a small fee for field trips; the parents will be notified in advance, of the amount.
Some field trips may not have a charge.
There will be a parent sign in/ sign out sheet, this does not determine the center’s fee, it is for record keeping, and for the state and county to see how attendance is kept.
There will be a $5.00 monthly, material fee.

Child Absence Procedure
It is the parent/guardian responsibility to contact the center, as early as possible, to inform us that their child will not be attending that day.
Also to let us know when they will be returning to their scheduled attendance.
When a child is schedule for child care and is not present by their scheduled time, and the parent/guardian has not contacted the center, the center will contact the parent/guardian to verify that the child will not attend the center on that day.
We will also determine when the child will return to their scheduled attendance.
Absence Procedure Revision 6/07

Transportation Procedure
A transportation roister, listing all children who ride the van with emergency drop offs, is to be in the possession of the Van Driver and a copy is kept at the center.
As children are transported to and from home by way of transportation we provide, the driver records daily the time children are picked up and dropped off to and from home to the center or school. He also obtains the parent or responsible person(s) initials at that time.
The transporter also records the time he/she picks up and drops off children to our center at which time he obtains initial s from a staff person. If children were not present on the van for any reason, a phone call will follow to verify or inquire about the child’s absence for that day.
It too is required that parents contact the center by phone when their children will not be attending the center.

The parent/center contract may be terminated at the center’s discretion with two (2) weeks notice or if the center deems it necessary to terminate without notice.
If it is believed that continued care is not in the best interest of the child. *Written notice only, no verbal termination! The following are guidelines regarding termination: *If the parent(s) or guardian terminate child, a two weeks notice must be given *If termination policy is violated a two (2) weeks pay would still be due *Failure to comply with day care policy *Failure of parents to pay and pay on time *Failure to complete the required forms by time frame given *Lack of parental cooperation, and failure of child to adjust to the center *If a child’s behavior is totally unacceptable, uncontrollable (biting, hitting etc. including staff) and the center has kept within guidelines of Center Discipline Policy, and or is just totally out of control period.